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02 September 2014

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  Human cloning and embryo research laws 

South Australia's human cloning and embryo research laws are part of a national scheme that includes Commonwealth, State and Territory laws.  The Commonwealth recently changed their laws to allow human embryos to be created for research, so similar changes to the State and Territory laws are being considered.

The South Australian Parliament is considering a Bill to amend the Prohibition of Human Cloning Act 2003 and the Research Involving Human Embryos Act 2003 to bring them into line with the national scheme.  Three fact sheets have been prepared to help explain the changes:

            Human cloning and embryo research laws (57kb, pdf)

            Stem cells (45kb, pdf)

            Embryos (42kb, pdf)

A more comprehensive Explanatory Guide is also available, for people who want more detailed background information on the Bill.

            Explanatory Guide (87kb, pdf)

The Bill is available from the South Australian Legislation web site ( at the following link..

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