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  Chapter 89 Balloon tamponade and uterine packing for major PPH 

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Document title:                     Balloon tamponade and uterine packing for major PPH

First developed:                   11 September 2007

Subsequent updates:         

Last reviewed:                      22 May 2012

ISBN number:                       

Replaces document:            New document

Author:                                   South Australian Perinatal Practice Guidelines


Audience:                               Medical, midwifery and allied health staff in South Australia public and private maternity services

Endorsed by:                         South Australian Perinatal Practice Guidelines Workgroup

Contact:                                 South Australian Perinatal Practice Guidelines workgroup at:


This guideline provides advice of a general nature.  This statewide guideline has been prepared to promote and facilitate standardisation and consistency of practice, using a multidisciplinary approach.  The guideline is based on a review of published evidence and expert opinion.

Information in this statewide guideline is current at the time of publication.

SA Health does not accept responsibility for the quality or accuracy of material on websites linked from this site and does not sponsor, approve or endorse materials on such links.

Health practitioners in the South Australian public health sector are expected to review specific details of each patient and professionally assess the applicability of the relevant guideline to that clinical situation.

If for good clinical reasons, a decision is made to depart from the guideline, the responsible clinician must document in the patient’s medical record, the decision made, by whom, and detailed reasons for the departure from the guideline.

This statewide guideline does not address all the elements of clinical practice and assumes that the individual clinicians are responsible for:  

>  Discussing care with consumers in an environment that is culturally appropriate and which enables respectful confidential discussion. This includes the use of interpreter services where necessary

>  Advising consumers of their choice and ensuring informed consent is obtained

>  Providing care within scope of practice, meeting all legislative requirements and maintaining standards of professional conduct and,

>  Documenting all care in accordance with mandatory and local requirements


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