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Pregnancy Outcome Statistics Unit

The Unit undertakes a Statewide monitoring of pregnancy characteristics and outcomes, obstetric problems and characteristics of perinatal care, to identify those population groups most at risk so that preventive interventions can be directed accordingly. This is undertaken through its data collections:

  • Perinatal data collection of births in the State, based on midwife notification, since 1981. South Australian data provided to the National Perinatal Statistics Unit (NPSU) in Sydney contribute to the annual report ‘Australia’s Mothers and Babies’ and other national reports such as those on births to indigenous mothers.

  • Maternal, perinatal and infant deaths, for review by the Maternal, Perinatal and Infant Mortality Committee for quality assurance and monitoring patterns of cause of death, since 1986. An earlier Committee collected maternal death data from 1961 and perinatal death data from 1979.

  • Birth defects among South Australian births, since 1981, complemented by data collected for children up to five years of age by the South Australian Birth Defects Register at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, from 1986. South Australian data on birth defects are also provided to the NPSU for national and international surveillance purposes.

  • Terminations of pregnancy, using notifications from medical practitioners (from 1970). These statistics are collated for the Committee appointed to examine and report on abortions notified in South Australia for its annual report to the Minister for Health.

Annual reports from these data collections (Adobe PDF)

For copies of these reports, please see the SA Health website.

  • Annual Report of the Committee appointed to examine and report on abortions notified in South Australia;

  • Pregnancy and Neonatal Care Bulletin (individual reports to hospitals, which allow them to compare their characteristics, practices and outcomes with those of the State, other hospital groups as well as other hospitals of their category).

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  • Pregnancy Outcome Statistics Unit

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Pregnancy Outcome Statistics Unit

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